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Generac® Automatic Standby Generators

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Assure your family’s comfort, safety and security with the 24/7 power protection of a Generac® Series 7 Automatic Standby Generator from Regan Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. No matter what the cause of your loss of power from the electrical grid, you can trust that your home and family’s comfort and safety will be maintained seamlessly with your automatic self starting Generac® generator.

  • No more spoiled food!
  • No more dark nights!
  • No more unbearable cold nights!
  • No more need to leave your family home!


Generac Series 7 GeneratorYou can be certain when Regan’s highly trained, certified and fully licensed technicians expertly install your automatic self-starting Generac® generator that all local building code and safety regulations will be meticulously adhered to—assuring your family’s safety.

In any emergency, your dependable 24/7 automatic self-starting Generac® generator’s back up power will always be there to protect and provide security for your family and home.

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