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Regan One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning Residential

A hot sun means you need cooling and air conditioning from Regan Inefficient cooling wastes energy and costs you money! Designing a new system is more than just making it “big enough.” Helping you “size” your air conditioning needs takes a company that understands factors such as your physical space, esthetics, and lifestyle. Older air conditioning systems lose their efficiency over time, and it can often make sense to consider one of our high-efficiency air conditioning systems or an enhancement to your current system that can return your investment in energy savings in a relatively short time. We take our responsibility to assist you in making educated decisions seriously!

Regan One Hour does mini splits and other cooling for your homeWe offer a wide variety of air conditioning and cooling choices to meet the needs of your lifestyle, home or business:

  • High-Efficiency Central Air systems – High SEER units – low energy use
  • High Velocity systems that take up much less space for ducts
  • Mini Splits – high tech, efficient, quiet, wall-mounted units for areas where duct work is impractical or impossible by Mitsubishi